Manchester Hospital Fundraising for CT Upgrade

Manchester Hospital Fundraising for CT Upgrade

June 26, 2023 in Fund Development, News, Radiology

Each fiscal year, Regional Medical Center (RMC) in Manchester, Iowa focuses their fundraising efforts on one big need. During the fiscal year of 2024, RMC is focusing their fundraising efforts towards upgrading their CT scanner.

All medical equipment has a service life and the current CT scanner at RMC is 10 years old. It is starting to experience age-related issues and unscheduled downtime which can negatively affect patient care. The RMC Radiology Department currently scans 400-500 patients per month. In addition to ensuring there is no unscheduled downtime, a new CT scanner will also allow staff to accommodate larger patient volumes with a faster turnaround time.

RMC continues to focus on enhancing the patient experience. Upgrading the CT scanner will do just that by accommodating for varying patient sizes/shapes, offering higher quality images and including a wider variety of exams. This will in turn eliminate the need of our community to travel to larger facilities for their CT imaging needs. 

“Upgrading our CT scanner will not only benefit our patients but our staff. We will be able to spend more time on direct patient care with the efficiency and technology upgrades provided with the new scanner,” expressed Megan Demmer, RMC Radiology Manager. “As a public, not-for-profit organization, we rely heavily on community support and are very grateful for those who give monetary donations that help us enhance the technology available at our hospital.”

Through community support, Regional Medical Center has been able to grow and expand, providing you with the personalized, compassionate care that you deserve. If you would like to be part of this year’s fundraising efforts, please visit