West Delaware Volleyball Donates $500 for Breast Cancer Support Bags

West Delaware Volleyball Donates $500 for Breast Cancer Support Bags

November 2, 2023 in News, Radiology

The West Delaware Volleyball team presented $500 to the Regional Medical Center (RMC) Radiology team to put towards breast cancer support bags. Through fundraising efforts, the volleyball players and those who supported their cause, were able to give back to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients in our community. 

RMC Radiology puts together what they call “pink support bags” to give to patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer. These bags are filled with comfort items, gas cards, gift cards and other items that they will find useful during their cancer journey. 

“This program would not be possible without the fundraising efforts of these young ladies. It is truly an honor to be able to provide these support bags to our patients and we do not take these donations for granted. We are very appreciative,” shares Megan Demmer, RMC Radiology Manager. 

On behalf of the Radiology team and everyone here at RMC, thank you to all who were involved in these fundraising efforts.

Pictured: TOP to BOTTOM, LEFT to RIGHT
West Delaware Volleyball Team: Kennedy Kolbet, Brooke Krogmann, Kate Loecke, Maleigha Hildebrand, Lauren LeClere, Kate Wenger, Natalie Mensen, Vedah Langel, Hannah Cantwell, Norah Peyton, Andrea Wubbena, Kirstyn Kolbet, Susie Funke, Olivia Halverson
RMC Radiology: Rebecca Gaul, Karen Rahe, Jill Peyton, Annette Boelk, Megan Demmer

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