Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehab in Manchester

Healthy habits support your overall health. To improve your heart health and help prevent future heart problems, it’s important to make lifestyle changes. Our Cardiac Rehab team in Manchester will provide you with the tools and resources you need to do just that!

The Cardiac Rehab program is customized for you and includes detailed education and an exercise program. Cardiac Rehabilitation is designed to help you recover from a heart attack, other forms of heart disease or heart related surgery.

Do you qualify for Cardiac Rehab?

A doctor referral is required for RMC’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. This service is covered by health insurance plans with an approved diagnosis.

This three-phase program is designed to help you recover from heart attack, bypass and/or valve surgery, stable heart failure, stent placement and balloon angioplasty treatments.

We work with you to treat conditions such as angina, high blood pressure, and diabetes and help you learn to decrease cardiovascular risk factors.

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Questions? Call us at 563-927-7398.

Patient Parking & Entrance

  • Parking Lot 2, Entrance C
  • For elevator access, use Parking Lot 1, Entrance B
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Risk Factors for Heart Disease

Heart disease is a common term for plaque buildup in the coronary arteris that could lead to a heart attack.

Cooking at Home

Learn to Live HEART Healthy

Your cardiac rehab program is personalized to you. Changes to your diet and exercise routine may be made. This can be very challenging but we’re here to support you through your recovery.


Your recovery program will be in phases to help you become healthier and stronger.

Our Team

  • Our Cardiac Rehab team includes providers, registered nurses, and dietitians. We will work with you and your primary care doctor to design your individualized treatment plan.
  • The RMC Cardiac Rehabilitation exercise room is part of RMC’s Bob Holtz Wellness Center, overlooking Denton Park.